The Underlands Troglodytes Savages: TROGS

The Underlands Troglodytes

Orc is synonymous in many people's minds with greenskin, and while you probably are familiar with the most common goblinoids you may not yet be aware that there also many other harbor enclaves of various nonhuman or semi-human races related to them... In the desert Underlands of the south lives a race of large savage orcs so rude, wild, uncivilized, and unsophisticated as to still live in caves, although some thinks this is not much of a technological issue, rather they are simply too lazy to build a shelter for themselves! In any case, they are considered primitive even by the most backward barbarous tribes and are usually referred to as Bentbacks, Troglodytes, or more often simply "Trogs". Trogs live in secluded communities of a hundred or more individuals with a structure resembling that of social-insect colonies. Tribe members are closely related and seem to work for the success of the whole community rather than individual survival, a behavior that is often erroneously attributed to lack of intelligence, and which together with their crude aspect contributes to the myth of bentbacks being "thick". Not that anyone would dare go telling them in the face, mind you, Trogs may know only the crudest stone and bone tools but make up for their lack of advanced technology with fierce brutality and ruthlessness. They are infamous for the sheer ferocity of their attacks and the viciousness of the wounds inflicted by their flint or bone-tipped weapons, often poisoned, as well as for their truculent nature and the smell of their armies! It has been said, "The Trogs make the fullest use of the terror inspired by their repulsive physique, their ugliness, and their stench." Trogs are narrow-waisted and large-footed, with big heads. They usually shave their hair completely except for a small lock on the tops of their heads left to grow long. In battle the best Trog warriors ride giant lizards called Shreeks, which are possibly the only creatures to smells even worst than a Trog. To make matters worse, superstition forbids them from ever washing themselves or the animal hides they use as clothes. Also contributing to their smell might be their diet, as they are especially fond of fermented Gompho's milk, called Kurdah. After victories, Trogs like to celebrate by drinking Kurdah while sitting on benches made of planks tied to the backs of their prisoners...

Trogs armies may appear as huge swarms, but describing them in this terms would be a gross over simplification, their tactics are basic but very effective and well suited to their style of combat and open terrain. The mass of warriors that make up the bulk of any Trog army acts as a living wall from which small groups of skirmishers run forward to harass the enemy throwing stones and javelins with razor-sharp flint tips. The warriors mass is ready to fall back in the face of a determined counter-attack and then surge readily forward again as soon as the enemy formation becomes disorganized. The cream of their forces, fighting on their terrifying saurischian mounts, will wait this moment to charge in the flank or rear of their opponents with devastating effects.

It is often assumed that Trogs are only really dangerous because of the unforgiveness of their homeland, and because they never faced a large disciplined army, but this is being disproved as whole Trogs tribe are recently begun to appear in many Orc Hordes, apparently they are well appreciated for their fighting qualities even by their relatives! Trogs population seems to be ever expanding and the wave of attacks on the farming communities living at the fringe of the desert, which occurs with disconcerting regularity every spring, has traditionally been kept in check only by regular punitive expeditions, deep into the desert, where the cave-dwellers villages are. Since the fall of the Old Republic however there has not been any such expedition, and the area infested by Trogs raiders have been expanding. The fortress of Unum-Stosslik, built on a fossilized giant Thorntangle stump, is now the southermost stronghold of civilization. Fortunately Trogs lack the technology and expertise to assault a formidable fortress of this size, but should Unum-Stosslik fall for any reason there won't be nothing left to stop the Trogs hordes from ravaging the entire province, all the way under the very walls of Varas itself.

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