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Baueda Wargames is challenging the best miniature painters and converters out there to measure up with the new Esair line! Rules are simple, if you think you have what it takes, paint any figure of the Esir range you like best, any way you want, and send us a picture. We will post all the best efforts in our Gallery and every month select the one we think is the very best! Every time there will be a different prize on offer for the challenge including free miniature packs, discounts, limited edition figures and everything else our deranged imagination may end up with!

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(Figure above is a Night Talon sculpted by S. Cavane')




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HAIL Koss'r!

After finally concluding with a sensational victory a twenty year long war with the mighty rival realm of Karthadasht the noble Koss'r has been saluted by the army as "The Commander" ("Imperator") and welcomed by the People as saviour of the homeland. The Imperator has now returned in triumph to the capital and with the blessing of the Senate and the High Priests of the Konklave has been proclamed Dictator for life. The Imperator has thus declared the beginning of the "New Order". The title Dictator dates back to the early Republic, when a powerful figure could be given absolute power for a limited time in order to deal with an emergency. Many Commanders in the past have also previously been acclaimed with the title Imperator by their troops, and the Senate has given to others before the extraordinary honour of a triumph. But it is the first time ever that such honours and powers have all been awarded together to the same person and furthermore permanently, a sign of the immense respect and gratitude that the Senate and People of Esair have for our great Commander!



All opposition to the New Order vanquished!

Moras, former proconsul of the large province of the lowlands of the Enron, attempted to raise an army and oppose the will of the Senate and People of Esair, but the rebel has been defeated and those of the nobles who sided with him have been arrested as enemies of the People. Their properties and lands have been confiscated and the remains of the rebel army forced to flee to Espen.

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Our models are cast in a lead free alloy and strong Polyurethane resin but they do contains small sharp parts and may be harmful if chewed or swallowed.
Not suitable for children under 16 years of age!

Please note flat S&H charge on orders of any size is Euro 12.50!
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Available codes

Code: 28SAC

The Imperial cult identifies the Imperator with the divinely sanctioned authority of the Esair State. The framework for Imperial cult was first formulated in the Murgard, and is now being rapidly established throughout the lands that once were the Esair Republic and its provinces, with some local variations in its expression. Koss'r reform transforms the decadent Esair Republican system of government in a strong and efficent rule, couched in traditional Republican practices and values, called the New Order. The Imperator (increasingly often called "Emperor") will balance the interests of the Esair military, Senate and People, and will maintain peace, security and prosperity throughout such large and ethnically diverse Empire. The official offer of cultus to a living Emperor acknowledge his office and rule as divinely approved and constitutional: the Emperor in turn demonstrate pious respect for traditional Republican deities and Mores.

Critics saying that the Imperial cult is a deviation from Esair traditional Republican values, a religiously insincere cult of personality which only serve Imperial propaganda and aim to increasingly marginalize the role of the Senate in favor of military loyalty are of course just unworthy traitors and will be dealt with accordingly soon enough.

The pack include a 80x60mm resin base and all the accessories you see here, plus a standard plastic slot base; the figure itself has a standard tag that will fit in it, should you prefer to base it separately as shown here, or can be easily trimmed and used to secure the figure to the base.

Supplied unpainted.

Plain cast: EURO€ 12.50

Code: 28JDA

In total control of the city and its affairs, Koss'r instituted a program of executing all the enemies of the state. Proscribing or outlawing every one of those whom have acted against the best interests of the Republic, the Emperor ordered some 1,500 nobles executed, although it is estimated that as many as 9,000 people were killed, as the purge went on for several months. Helping or sheltering a person who was proscribed is also punishable by death. It has been pointed out that the New Order confiscated the wealth of the outlawed and then auctioned it off, making Koss'r and his supporters vastly rich, but this sort of comments is dangerously close to treason and should be avoided by those who don't aspire to climb the stake themselves...
This rather impressive model (the top of the pole is over 75mm high!) is designed to represent the burning at the stake of a female traitor. As a capital punishment, burning was not the favoured method and whenever possible exquisitely more sophisticated forms of execution were devised, but it was relatively fast and cheap to organize and because of the sheer number of execution to be carried out was often preferred for the less distinguished dissidents. The pack include a massive resin pyre in two parts and a matching pewter female figure chained to the stake. The upper part of the pyre can be used alone for a less imposing effect, and the figure itself has a standard size tag that will fit in all most common slotted base, should you prefer to base it separately.

Supplied unpainted.

Plain cast: EURO€ 8.50

Code: 28LEG

The standard Esair legionary camp tent as used throughout the Republic and later the Empire by troops in the field. Wooden barracks are employed in permanent camps, but on campaign, when the army is on the move the leather tent is the home of the legionary. In a camp there would be several hundreds tents like this as well as larger ones for the qntryons, and even bigger yet for the general's HQ, each military Tribune and each Prefect. It's accurately sized for 28mm figures, the original is 10 by 10 Esair feet, and 5 feet tall.

Supplied unpainted.

Plain cast: EURO€ 8.50

Code: LS1
28mm earthenware jars and vases (21 pcs.)

Pottery was produced in enormous quantities in ancient times, mostly for utilitarian purposes. Jars and vases like these were used as storage and transport vessels for anything from water to grain. Where baskets could be preferred for transport earthenware was best for storing food, as it kept out water, dirt, insects and rodents. Large pithos (plural pithoi) like the one to the right, filled with oil, were a major fire hazard and needed special protection: an enemy would only have to knock one over and set fire to it to destroy the whole place! Most of the great palaces of the Bronze Age Aegean were burned at one time or another in this way. How about that for a novel game objective!

Supplied unpainted.
Plain cast: EURO€ 9.50

Click on the image for a size comparison with 28mm figures!

For smaller wares try Ancient supplies.

Code: LS2
28mm Amphorae (18 pcs.)

Amphorae were used in vast numbers to transport and store various products, both liquid and dry, in the ancient Mediterranean world and later the Roman Empire, and in some periods the shape was also used for luxury pottery, which might be elaborately painted (code LS3 include some of these). Most were produced with a pointed base to allow upright storage by being partly embedded in sand or soft ground. This also facilitated transport by ship, where the amphorae were tightly packed together, with ropes passed through their handles to prevent breaking or toppling during rough seas. In kitchens and shops amphorae could be stored in racks with round holes in them. Amphorae varied greatly in height. The largest could stand over 1.5 metres (5 ft) high; the standard Roman wine amphora held a about 39 litres (41 US qt). The large one on the right can also be used as a Krater.
Just perfect as game objectives or simply to dress up the scene!

Supplied unpainted.

Plain cast: EURO€ 9.50

Click on the image for a size comparison with 28mm figures!

For smaller amphorae try Ancient supplies.

Code: LS3
28mm Ancient tableware (27 pcs.)

Fine wares were used as serving vessels or tableware for formal dining, and usually were heavily decorated and of a more elegant appearance. These were often traded over substantial distances like Roman glass, which the elite often used alongside gold or silver tableware, and which could be extremely expensive. The more expensive pottery often copied shapes and decoration from the more prestigious metalwork, so depending how you paint them most of these can be either ceramic, metal or glass...

Supplied unpainted.

Plain cast: EURO€ 9.50

Click on the image for a size comparison with 28mm figures!

For even more variety try Ancient supplies.

Code: LS4
28mm Wooden Drum, barrels and cask (15 pcs.)

The Romans began to use barrels in the third century C.E., as a result of their commercial and military contacts with the Gauls, who had been making barrels for several centuries. For nearly 2,000 years, barrels were the most convenient form of shipping or storage container for those who could afford the superior price. A large variety of bulk goods, from nails to gold coins, were stored in them.
Pack includes 3 each of five different size and shapes.

Supplied unpainted.
Plain cast: EURO€ 9.50

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Please note all miniatures are supplied unpainted!

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Whitesnake Cult

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