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Baueda Wargames is challenging the best miniature painters and converters out there to measure up with the new Esair line! Rules are simple, if you think you have what it takes, paint any figure of the Esir range you like best, any way you want, and send us a picture. We will post all the best efforts in our Gallery and every month select the one we think is the very best! Every time there will be a different prize on offer for the challenge including free miniature packs, discounts, limited edition figures and everything else our deranged imagination may end up with!

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(Figure above is a Trog Banna painted by Claudio)




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Shreeks delayed
The Trog Nobles mounted on their Shreek steeds are being redesigned.
Each complete model will include 1 body, 1 left leg, 1 right leg, 1 rider, 1 lance, 1 javelin, 1 small club and 1 large mace. All shreek body parts are modular and compatible with each other, so you can swap them between models for max variety... and we're working also on scenic resin bases!

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Baueda 28mm Fantasy Range!

  All packs are 6.00 unless indicated.
Please note all miniatures are supplied unpainted and may need some assembling! Coming soon:


Trogs: The Underland's Prehistoric Orcs

Orc is synonymous in many people's minds with greenskin, and while you probably are familiar with the most common goblinoids you may not yet be aware that there also many other harbor enclaves of various nonhuman or semi-human races related to them...


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These figures may contain lead and small sharp parts and may be harmful if chewed or swallowed.
Not suitable for children under 16 years of age!

Please note flat S&H charge on orders of any size is Euro 12.50!
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First wave codes:
Available NOW!

Pack code
Development status
28TRG0 Trog Sample Pack
(4 random figs from codes TRG1 to TRG7)

Special limited time introductory offer


28TRG1 Trog Basha
(4 unarmoured infantry with bone & stone clubs - € 6.00)
Basha are the backbone of any Trog army. The bentbacks main strength is in their sheer number, and of that number the vast majority is composed of these hardy grunts. Their preferred weapons are clubs, they fight in large massed formations and in close combat no man is a match for them.

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Separate weapons, requires assembly!
28TRG2 Trog Masha
(4 unarmoured infantry with 2-handed stone maces - € 6.00)
The strongest Trogs of humble origin prefer larger two-handed weapons. These are unwieldy but massively powerful weapons, and since they rely only on the shock of impact to deal damage, body armour afford nearly no protection from their blows. They are less agile but stronger than the standard grunts, and often fight in the front ranks of a warband, or brigaded separately in specialized assault units.

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28TRG3 Trog Zowa
(4 unarmoured javelin-throwing infantry - € 6.00)
The youngest Trogs who have not yet earned the status of warriors fight as skirmishers, armed with javelins or stones. They fight separately from the main warband, harassing the enemy from a distance, and running away of charged. These figures can be also used as stone-throwers.

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Separate weapons, requires assembly!
28TRG4 Trog Zaffa
(4 unarmoured infantry with obsidian-tipped spears, standing - € 6.00)
Trog warbands are the bane of any enemy foot, but are exposed to mounted chargers. To protect themselves against these, and especially from the largest warbeasts, some warrior are trained in the use of massive long spears, made of the wxtremely light and as much strong and flexible thorntangle beams.

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28TRG5 Trog Zaffa
(4 unarmoured infantry with obsidian-tipped spears levelled - € 6.00)
These are front-line Zaffa figures. Most of them are modeled with separate spears, so you can also replace these with other weapons of your choice, for example massive two-handed long-shaft maces (the one shown here is included in the TRG6 command pack).

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Separate spears and hands cast open, need bending on the shafts!
28TRG6 Trog Leeda
(3 unarmoured infantry: 2 Captains & Horn Blower - € 6.00)
Trogs society is tribal; each tribe is little more than an enlarged family group, and is lead by a Chieftain in peace as in war, although for Trogs "peace" barely means a short pause between wars! These Captains are the highest ranking lowborns, and at times may even rise to join the aristocracy following epic displays of dauntless bravado.

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Separate weapons, requires assembly!
28TRG7 Trog Banna
(2 unarmoured infantry, 3 standards & totems - € 6.00)
Trogs armies may be indisciplined, but they are far from being disorganized. Their tactics are basic but very effective and well suited to their style of combat and terrain. All manouvering is directed by signals and commands given by horns, drums, shouts but most importantly by the movement of the flags and banners that identify each battlegroup.

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Separate weapons and banners, requires assembly!
28TRG8 Trog infantry Weapons Pack
(16 assorted stone axes, clubs and maces - € 6.00)


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28TRG9 Trog infantry pole Weapons Pack
(8 long spears + 8 javelins - € 6.00)


All packs are € 6.00 unless indicated. Please note all miniatures are supplied unpainted and may need some assembling.

Coming soon:

Pack code
Development status
28TRG? Trog Shreek mounted warrior1
(1 fig + saurischian mount)

Multipart model; require assembly.
28TRG? Trog Shreek mounted warrior2
(1 fig + saurischian mount)

Multipart model; require assembly.
28TRG? Trog Shreek Commander
(1 fig + saurischian mount)
28TRG?Trog Shreek Standard-bearer
(1 fig + saurischian mount)
28TRG?Trog Shreek Horn Blower
(1 fig + saurischian mount)
28TRG? Trog Znak Hurla (3 figs - Snake throwers & snakes)
28TRG? Trog Sheela (2 figs - Glabra & Thrudy)
28TRG? Trog Majik (2 figs - Shaman & Servant)
28TRG? Trog Boss (3 figs - Tribal chief & retinue)
28TRG? Trog Drumma (3 figs - War Drum & Drummers)€ ?.00

Also in development:

Pack code
Development status
28TRG?? Trog Growl (2 figs + Growl) € ?.00
28TRG?? Trog Badas (2 figs - Champion & Squire)
28TRG?? Underlands Gnawwa tree (multipart model)
28CHL Underlands Chilla Monster (multipart model)
28TRG?? Trog Unit Status markers (4 figs: casualties etc.)
28TRG?? Trog Tribal army (36 foot figs + 12 mounted + bonus figure) € ?.00


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